MediaUdar festival in Samara

On July 24th in Samara was held the opening of MediaUdar festival. MediaUdar is the international project with aim of studying, articulation, documentation, support and development of activist art. The festival is being held since 2011. It's formed by the principle of self-organization of the working group of artists, activists and philosophers. The activity includes  assemblies, expeditions, publishing, exhibitions, presentations, lectures, workshops, discussions, literature readings, concerts, video screenings, residence, joint action, the theoretical lab.



Previously the fest took place in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Yekaterinburg. This time it ran in Samara & Togliatti. Three sections were presented, according to the initiatives of activists groups in the region. They were urban mapping project, narkophobia and Fem Club, including LGBT issues.

SPM LGBT Avers is the partner of MediaUdar & co-organizer in Samara. Vera Kruzhkina, PR-coordinator of Avers, presented two exhibitions on LGBT issues. The first is called "People as people" & performs transsexual people in their daily lives. The project was created by Samara photographer Pyotr Gridin, friend & partner of Avers.


The second exhibition is called "Berlin-Yogyakarta" (  It's the project of Polish LGBT organization Kampania Przeciw Homofobii. It reminds of terror & repressions towards homosexual & transgender people in Nazi Germany. The exhibition shows the long way that society has passed from chasing & terrorizing LGBT to recognition of equal rights regardless of sexual orientation & gender identity.  


Both exhibitions stayed at the venue of the festival (Party Hard club) till Sunday, July 26, the  last day of MediaUdar in Samara. On Sunday there was presentation of Samara Public LGBT Movement Avers. People learned more about LGBT community in Samara, & asked questions to Vera about LGBT activism in Samara & in Russia at whole.

After the closing of the festival two exhibitions moved to Volga Community Center, the residence of SPM Avers. There LGBT community of Samara will have possibility to learn these projects more closely & thoroughly during several months.


Lana Smirnova,
SPM Avers Psychology Program Coordinator,
organizer of Berlin-Yogyakarta exhibition in Samara.

Photo: Lana Smirnova, Vera Kruzhkina.