LGBT Groups of Psychological Support in Samara

From April 7 to  May 14 in Samara lasted LGBT Groups of Psychological Support. Every visitor of the Group could share his/her problem with the others, get the words of encouragement, the recommendations and understanding of the problem. The professional psychologist, Irina Shaposhnikova, led the group.

Though the visitors were rather few, the results for those who presented were very strong and precise. Almost all of the participants marked, that the group helped to feel themselves safe and secure and to develop their communication skills. All who had given their problems for the discussions marked, that the group helped to accept themselves and their identities – or to find out the thing of the problem more deeply and clearly. The half of participants marked, the group increased their self-confidence.
There were gay, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and friendly heterosexuals among the participants. Some of them began visited the group regularly. The group will renew for summer, and we – SPM LGBT Avers and Expert Center Idea – invite all LGBT people and LGBT friendly in Samara region to take part in creating the collective space of safety, confidence, support, understanding and acceptance!

Lana Smirnova, Avers Psychological Program Coordinator.