The website of the Russian LGBT Network can be blocked because of the survey devoted to bulling of LGBT minors at schools

On August 28, the prosecutor of the Central District of St. Petersburg, Petr Zaburko, submitted an administrative request to the Smolny District Court requesting to block the Russian LGBT-network website. The reason provided is the publication of the information regarding a survey dedicated to bullying of LGBT youth in schools. The lawsuit is filed in relation to a financial operator of Russian LGBT-network – Legal and Social Support Charitable Foundation “Sphere”.

The only proof to be found in the case is the letter from the Rector of the Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Stepan Zholovan, which is referred to as "judgement of the specialist". It is important to note that it is not a statement of an expert neither the conclusion of a specialist.

«After reviewing the proposed materials, including the survey offered to minors, it becomes obvious that, the study of the problems of LGBT adolescents in Russian schools carried out by the Russian LGBT-network and the Resource Centre for LGBT under the name «Research of the School Environment in Russia», is LGBT propaganda as it is introducing LGBT values as the norm. Under the pretence of a research, the generation yet to come of age is forming LGBT values.

These who want to discuss the problem and/or to accept support, are invited to the group "DontBeSilent" «СказатьНельзяМолчать». We consider such "research" as one of the ways to involve children and adolescents in the LGBT community».

On September 15, the lawsuit was registered by Smolny District Court, and on September 17, the judge Tatiana Chistykova has left the lawsuit without an action. The lawyer of the Russian LGBT network and law adviser of the Charitable Foundation “Sphere”, Alexander Belik, is highlighting that "the reason for leaving the lawsuit without an action is the limitations found by the court during the filing of the statement. We do not know what limitations the court has found. The prosecutor is obliged to correct them, after which we will be called to a meeting".

Alexander Belik also explains that the present case does not refer to charges and responsibilities under the Article 6.21 KoAP ("propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations amongst minors"), but rather to the blocking of the Internet-source. "These are two different procedures. In the frames of the first, it is possible to punish the found guilty with a fine, in the second – the access to the website is blocked. We know nothing about the attempts to charge "Sphere" for “propaganda”.

Prosecutor of the Central District is already known to the lawyers of the Russian LGBT Network because of hi9s attempts to block the site of the Movement in the social network "VKontakte".

The Charitable Foundation “Sphere” does not own the information resources of Russian LGBT-network but will support the Movement as well as the hosts and owners of the website domain with free legal aid.