The Eastern European Coalition for LGBT+ Equality Statement regarding Pride in Moldova

The Eastern European Coalition for LGBT+ Equality would like to congratulate the Moldovan LGBTQ community and our partner organization GENDERDOC-M for a successful Pride campaign and march on May 19, 2018.

On May 19th, GENDERDOC-M organized the annual march of equality in Chișinău, under the campaign Fără Frică de Iubire(Without the fear to love). However, unlike the last years’ experience, the march that included approximately 350 participants was able to reach its destination without being attacked and evacuated halfway through the route. The Ministry of Interior provided all necessary protections for the participants and despite the aggressive outbursts of the counter-protestors, the Pride march was not exposed to any  violence.

This development certainly speaks to the incredible work that GENDERDOC-M has done throughout the years in sensitizing the law enforcement agencies and stressing the importance of freedom of assembly for LGBTQ people, a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

This is an important precedent for Moldova, since the State has shown that with relevant efforts the protection can be provided, but also for the Eastern Partnership region, where freedom of assembly and manifestation of LGBTQ people constantly comes into question and is threatened by different xenophobic groups, religious organizations and States’ lack of will to protect different social groups.

We welcome the authorities’ extensive efforts in protecting the freedom of assembly and manifestation of LGBTQ community in Moldova and remain hopeful that this will not be an isolated case, but instead become a good practice of upholding the constitutional rights of LGBTQ people in Moldova further increasing the access of different social groups to existing legal protections.

In the light of these positive developments and for the sake of further progress we, the Eastern European Coalition for LGBT+ Equalitycall on the:

  • President of the Republic of Moldova to refrain from hate speech and instigations of violence and discrimination towards LGBT people;
  • The government of the Republic of Moldova to elaborate and implement programs aimed at countering homo/bi/transphobia and fostering acceptance of diversity in the Moldovan society;
  • Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Moldova to continue the fruitful cooperation with LGBTQ movement, on guaranteeing freedom of assembly and manifestation for LGBTQ people as well as preventing and adequately reacting to hate crimes and discrimination.