The Russian LGBT Network is not only a human rights organization, but also an organization which provides various services, including psychological support for LGBT people, legal aid and a hotline. The Russian LGBT Network offers a number of services for people from the LGBT community as well as for their relatives and friends.

"Legal help"

Our team of lawyers provides legal consultations on cases and situations to do with real or imaginary sexual orientation or gender identity in any region. 

Distant consultations are the most common and usual form of our legal support. However, if there is a local lawyer from our Network in your region, you may be able to get a face-to-face consultation. 

All our lawyers are volunteers. The Russian LGBT Network regularly runs training for lawyers working with the LGBT community.

The lawyers of our legal help services respond to consultation requests within three working days via email or phone. 

You can apply for a legal consultation via email at [email protected], by filling out the form on our website or by calling our Hotline at 8-800-555-73-74

If you are a professional lawyer or majoring in law and looking forward to help our LGBT citizens, join Russian LGBT Network's lawyers team! Contact the "Legal help" program's coordinator Maria Kozlovskaya at [email protected]

"Psychological help"

Our LGBT psychological service was created to provide psychological help for LGBTQ people, their friends and relatives, and other people who want to discuss questions of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Applying for psychological services at Russian LGBT Network you can get for free:

- a distance psychological consultation via email or Skype. You need to file your request at [email protected] mentioning your region and the kind of consultation you prefer or fill in this form. 

- a phone psychological consultation. You need to call the Hotline for LGBT at 8-800-555-08-68 and let an operator know you need a phone psychological consultation. An operator would inform you about possible time a psychologist is available (you would have several options).  

- information on personal sessions with a psychologist for LGBT in your region (in case such exists). Attention! At certain cases personal sessions might not be free. The price of personal sessions with psychologists for LGBT in Moscow is equal to the price of the rent of the place where a consultation takes place, the service itself is free.

- information on adjacent specialists in your region (psychiatrist, therapist, and other specialists). You need to file a request at [email protected]

- a distance consultation on questions regarding being transgender from a transsexual, Alexander Shmik. You need to file a request at [email protected]

- a distance consultation from LGBT's mothers on questions regarding LGBT relationships with parents (both for children and parents). You need to file a request at [email protected].

For LGBT activists:

- you can receive methodological assistance on opening a psychological severance in your region. You need to contact us at [email protected]

For people studying LGBT history and LGBT relates issues:

- you can get methodological consultation on writing on writing research papers on LGBT-relate topics. You need to contact us at [email protected]



The Russian LGBT Network Hotline started working on 5 July 2010. Its purpose is to support the LGBT community in Russia, their friends and relatives, plus initiative groups, organizations and individual activists. 

By calling 8-800-555-08-68 you can can get urgent consultation on legal, psychological or organizational issues. All the calls within Russia are free. 

The Hotline's working hours (since November, 1 2014):

- from Monday to Friday the Hotline works since 8 am to 12 pm

- on Saturday and Sunday the Hotline operates 24 hours 

If the person calling needs a more in-depth consultation, the hotline operator can refer them to our specialist in the field they require. 

Brief description of services offered via Hotline:

- legal consultations (if you are arrested; if you need to contact the police; if you need legal assistance in court)

- psychological consultations (if you need support and you are coming through difficult life situation) 

- organizational consultations (if you need information on opening or operating a regional division, legal registration of LGBT organizations, methodological assistance, etc.)

It is also possible to call the Hotline to report cases of human rights violation or discrimination based on sexual orientation.

If you have any questions or comments, please, feel free to contact the Hotline's coordinator at [email protected]