Regional divisions

he Russian LGBT Network’s activity in regions is carried out, in the first place, through its branches – Regional divisions. Regional divisions bring together individual (people) and collective (organizations) participants of the Movement, who live or operate in the same region. Partiсipators support and take part in the Network’s programmes, campaigns and public events in their region. Apart from organizing the Movement’s work in the region, the main purpose of a Regional divisions is to attract new activists to the Movement, support various local initiatives and unite local LGBT communities. Participants of Regional Divisions have certain privileges when it comes to participating in the Movement’s events. Today the Russian LGBT Network encompasses 13 Regional divisions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to contact any regional center. You can find all the applicable information in "Contacts". 

How to open a regional division:

The decision to establish a Regional division of the Movement is taken by the Board. When they consider opening a new division, the Board need to make sure the region has a strong initiative group, which is able to maintain regular communication with the Network coordinator.

If you are willing to open an initiative group in your region, you might ask for information at [email protected]

In order to open a division in your region, you need to send the application to the Board's Secretary at [email protected]. It has 5th be signed by, at least, 3 members of the Movement that live in your region. This is how you can join the Movement. 


All divisions are bound by the articles of the Charter of the Movement and are obligated to follow the Russian LGBT Network's strategic plan, the decisions of the Board and the statute "On regional divisions". 

The main governing body of a Regional Division is the General meeting of its participants, which is called by the Head of the Regional Division at least once a year. Participant Organizations of the Movement, which operate in the region, participate in the General meeting through their representatives. The General meeting may consider any questions of the Regional Division’s activity.  The General meeting elects the Head of the Regional Division, who runs the Division in between the meetings of the Meeting. The Head of the Regional Division is elected after the Movement’s Annual Conference (certain terms are decided by the Board) for a term of three years. 

The General meeting also elects delegates to the Movement’s Conference from among participants of the Regional Division. The number of delegates is determined by the Board of the Movement. These delegates have a casting vote at the Conference.